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Your heartbeat races to a thousand miles per second

Anxiety crawling on your skin

It is not the first time
anxiety crawled on your skin

Your heartbeat races to a thousand miles per second
You feel that you are an alien in the world
You try and try and try
but you cannot get away from the monster

It feels as if you are being eaten alive

People notice; they do nothing
but carry on with their life
doomscrolling on their phone to no end

The only way you can escape from it all
is to leave people behind
sit yourself down
close your eyes and breathe

It would bring you back
and you would blend in with others again
who have secret struggles
of their own
but never tell

Please help to raise funds for an emergency. We can no longer see my grandma.

Resource and tips for writers and creators

This week is a short one as I am working on a few projects, including putting my debut poetry book together. The poetry book will come out in 2021. It has been a great year. Thank you so much for your support in the poetry community and Twitter. It means a lot that you decided to get updates from me.

Essays and medley in 2020

Year review & Merry Christmas! — 24th Dec 2020

A mysterious group do these things to get inspired — 17th Dec 2020 (for paying subscribers)

Set intention with your time — 10th Dec 2020

Interview with a published author to…

You can use them in your writing process

Ryan Holiday, the author of The Obstacle Is the Way, wrote this article that shares some of the best writing advice. I chose 9 rare tips that are useful for your writing process.

Always jot down your ideas

The brain can only remember four things at once. Do you have an idea when you try to fall asleep? Do you have an idea when you go for a walk? Get your phone, notebook or something to jot them down. Keep them where you would always look at when you work on your projects.

Copy passages from your favourite books with pen and paper

There is no tactile memory when you highlight and save it on…

The sky is the limit.

I’ve been thinking about building my audience and earning money from it for months.

It is possible because someone has succeeded by providing incredible value to their audience. They have a newsletter and a course that earn them more money than they can ever earn in their corporate life.

Being your own boss is not an easy road. It took me a few months before I started to reach more people and build my audience on my poetry Instagram. It slowed down after I started to build my newsletter on creativity and Twitter.

Content batching

I found a useful way to create…

A way to fulfillment in life

Have you ever felt tired in the morning? Do you wake up and not want to look at social media or YouTube one day? If you feel these feelings even once, I will show you how to reverse the situation by doing dopamine detox.

There are days when I would scroll through YouTube to decide which video I would watch at that moment. The whole day flew by. There are days that I wake up, write poetry and articles, have a healthy breakfast and lunch, and do meditation and yoga.

We have these lazy or productive days. It is usually…

Plant your roots

Plants have roots of their own. The roots are shallow when they are young, growing deeper and deeper into the soil over the years and decades. What about those that got uprooted? They are not going anywhere but slowly became rotten and die after being abandoned.

I am not telling you a story about plants but roots. It seems impossible to grow your own roots when you have been uprooted. You have no idea where to put down your roots. You want to turn around and look for support but they are nowhere to be found.

All you can do…

You have a chance to get your poem or prose featured

I used Goodreads for a couple of years but always find myself not satisfied with it. When I stumbled upon The Storygraph, I immediately ditched Goodreads. The Storygraph shows you the mood, pace of the book according to how readers think. It also shows you content warnings if there is any. It also analyses what you like to read according to the books you have read.

Upstream by Mary Oliver

I read everything except the story of spiders. It was such a beautiful book that is filled with beautiful proses. Oliver did not use fancy words like stardust or anything like that to write…

He has published 14 books through Kindle Direct Publishing

Charles Edward York trained for many years as an artist and for 5 and a half years as a tenor before wholly committing to writing and poetry. He has published 14 poetry collections on Amazon and Lulu Publishing.

Celeste: You have published 14 books on Amazon. How did it start?

Charles: I started the day after I was fired by a corrupt boss at a college library. I made a decision that I was going to dare to do great. It turned out became the title of my second book of poetry, Dare To Do Great.

I have been writing…

Austin Kleon and Paul Graham have the answer for you

I learn a lot from Austin Kleon. His books come to great use when I need some advice on my creative endeavor. I got his latest book on creativity Keep going. It is such a suitable book to read for uncertain times, even more important when you are a writer or an artist. It teaches you to manage your time when you are a creative entrepreneur.

Make your own routine

When you feel that you cannot control anything, the best thing to do is to control what you do every day. You would most likely do the same tasks every day.

It can ground…

Go on virtual airplane mode to help you relax.

My time on social media has increased probably tenfold since I started this newsletter. That is understandable. You need to put yourself out there so more people can find you and your creative work. It became necessary for me to find a way to completely get off social media for a day or two to keep ideas and poetry coming.

Virtual airplane mode

Austin Kleon wrote about airplane mode and how we can be on virtual airplane mode. I went to a park that is facing Victoria Harbour. …

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