My Heart Is Fragile Glass

With handle with care label on

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Please be delicate with my heart
it is fragile glass
with handle with care label on

I will treat you the same
delicate with care and love
if you respect and care for me

Is there somewhere in your heart
delicate as silk-like mine?

You must be half-light and half-shadow
carrying them around
But I see hope in your eyes

Seeing you through the light in your eyes
I do not know how we would end
if I have fear in you hurting me

It would not be a memory that I am fond of
hopefully not Léon and Mathilda

Yet it is a gamble on dice
either we would be a match since day one
you as my divine masculine
me as your divine feminine

I hope that we find our common ground
even it is two steps forward, one step back
in the process

Hope that we end up watching sunsets together
in the colour of strawberries

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