Tips to Plan 2021 as Creators and 2020 Wrap Up

Resource and tips for writers and creators

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This week is a short one as I am working on a few projects, including putting my debut poetry book together. The poetry book will come out in 2021. It has been a great year. Thank you so much for your support in the poetry community and Twitter. It means a lot that you decided to get updates from me.

Essays and medley in 2020

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Annual planning advice for a creator

The CEO of Patreon made a few videos that I found very useful as a creative person. He explained that being prolific will help you increase your chance of making the work that may get nominations or awards if you are into that.

His way of making an annual plan is very useful that will help you to hit the targets that you want to hit next year or any year. Having a vision statement, key results and areas of focus help you focus on the right thing when you want to achieve a goal.

He has tried everything he could to make his music go viral. He found that not changing the values that he cares and trying creative ways to do the things that he does not care helps him to reach more people.

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